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Tim Hodge from Play Fitness
2020- Present
Hair removal over Tattoo's

Sugaring is a form of non permanent hair removal that is effective and safe for those with tattoo's. For those looking for permanent removal electrolysis is the only option. Sugaring leaves your skin smooth and exfoliated and doesn't harm the tattoo because it only sticks to dead skin cells. Wax on the other hand can damage your art work because it sticks to live skin cells essentially taking a layer of skin off each time you wax. Overtime this can cause your tattoo's to fade and or look distorted.

Seeing Brookes at Hilltop Electrolysis has been amazing! I was apprehensive at first about getting sugared, I was nervous about the "Manliness" of it all. I was dead wrong! The hair removal on my chest and arms over all my tattoos has been wonderful, my skin looks fresh and clean, the ink pops again!  My Ink brings me confidence and having it stand out after a session with Brookes is spectacular! As a personal trainer at Play Fitness my body is often my advertising, with my smooth arms and fresh skin, I feel a lot stronger because of the work Brookes does.

So any guy thinking about it and is afraid or on the fence, do it! 

Tim Hodge
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