Client First Name
Kelly S
2022- present
Oshawa, Ontario
Client suffers from HS an auto inflammatory condition.

​Kelly came to Hilltop after being referred from another client who knew I had first hand experience in helping clients with Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS). HS is a chronic auto inflammatory disease that affects the skin typically in the underarms, under breast, groin, thigh, and buttocks areas. This  chronic skin disease causes recurrent and very painful nodules, abscesses, tracts/tunneling, boils which usually occur where apocrine sweat glands and hair follicles are located. The average Canadian suffering with HS will see five doctors with over 15 visits in regards to flares they're experiencing, this happens over about an eight year span before being diagnosed. HS is fairly rare and only affects between 1-3 % of the global population, this number is expected to be higher due to patients never getting an actual diagnoses. HS has 3 stages: Hurley Stage 1; which is single or multiple lesions without sinus tracts or scarring, Hurley Stage 2; which is one or more lesions that reoccur with tract formations and scarring,  Hurley Stage 3; which is multiple lesions interconnected with tracts and abcesses across the entire area. 

If you or someone you know suffers from HS I am always here to support you with any hair removal you may require.

My Hidradentitis Suppurativa & Hair Removal Story by Kelly.

I started by HS journey at the very young age of 12 I was officially diagnosed at 20. I spent my teen years covering my lesions and scars I think I was in Hurley stage 2 then. It affected my ability to be confident in my body and have intimidate relationships with men; I was scared of being judged as dirty or someone with an STD. I never told friends or family (other then my mom and dad as they took me to all the appts). I have had 6 surgeries to drain flares/lesions that grew to be between golf ball to hard ball size. I was unable to walk with a few of these as the tunneling that happened was very painful. I have lost jobs and friends because I have to call in sick or cancel plans last minute because 'poof a new lesion' rears its ugly head.
When I first came to Hilltop to see Brookes, she was compassionate and caring and knew first hand what I was talking about as she too has HS. I thought I had won the lottery finding someone to help me that knew exactly what I am going through! We came up with a plan that was affordable (not covered under my insurance unfortunately) and we began doing laser on my Brazilian and underarm area's within the first treatment I could FEEL the difference. By treatment 3 I had half the hair and was getting less and less lesions. We did a total of 6 treatments and I got about 90% removal. We then moved to electrolysis to get the last 10% of hair. I really didn't want any hair left that could cause lesions. Throughout the process of removing the hair I found out that the hair was one of my biggest trigger for my HS (everyone is different). If you are someone who also has HS I would say give laser a try, it honestly has made the world of difference for me.
Thank you Brookes for being a knowledgeable professional that made me feel safe and comfortable with you. The world needs more gentle loving compassionate human just like you!

Kelly S
Oshawa Ontario
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